Noun Definition and its Types, Examples and Rules


The fundamental and significant component of speech that you should grasp when learning English grammar is a noun. Words that designate persons, places, objects, or concepts are called nouns. They are essential components that give sentences structure and clarity. There are multiple definitions and instances for the term.

Noun Definition

A word that refers to the name of an individual, location, object, state, or attribute is called a noun. A noun is a segment of speech that has two different forms: single and plural. Nouns are divided into several categories in English grammar; to fully comprehend each category, continue reading the article.

Noun Examples

You might easily understand the term by looking at the examples below. View the sentences with certain nouns below to gain a better understanding of different noun instances.

S.No Noun Example  A Noun used in a Sentence
1 Sameer and Rohan I don’t know why Sameer is so angry with Rohan.
2 Doctor Rahul’s father is a doctor.
3 Regret His biggest regret was not travelling more.
4 Grasshopper Rishi caught a grasshopper with his bare hands.
5 Book That’s Ramesh’s favourite book.
6 Africa Did you know that Africa is much larger than Greenland?
7 Delhi University How many students attend conferences at Delhi University?

Types of Noun

In English, there are eight different kinds of nouns: concrete, countable, uncountable, abstract, collective, proper, common, material, and abstract. This table lists all eight categories of nouns in English grammar. Let’s examine every kind of noun using examples.

S.No Types of Noun Noun Examples
1 Proper Noun India, China, Paras, Delhi
2 Collective Noun Team (Team India), Committee, Squad, Family
3 Common Noun Girl, boy, men, women, lawyer
4 Material Noun Gold, Aluminium, Iron, Plastic
5 Concrete Noun Table, Television, Laptop
6 Abstract Noun Friendship, Love, Freedom
7 Countable Noun One man, two books
8 Uncountable Noun Work, knowledge

Types of Nouns with Examples

English grammar has eight different kinds of nouns. The section below explains each of the eight categories of nouns with examples.

1) Proper Noun

The proper noun is the specific name of an object or person. such as China, India, Aman, Meena, etc.

Has Anand completed his assignments?

2) Collective Noun

A collective noun is a term or name used to refer to a collection of individuals, objects, or animals. A group of nouns is another name for collective nouns. For example: Committee, Squad, Family, Team (Team India).

Group of people going for industrial visits.

3) Common Noun

The term “common noun” refers to the collective term used for any individual, group of individuals, location, object, or activity. A common noun does not refer to a specific individual, location, thing to do, or concept. For example, woman, man, girl, lawyer, engineer, etc.

The boy helped his grandmother to cross the road.

4) Material Noun

Material nouns are the names given to objects or entities that are composed of and perceptible to the senses. For instance, gold, aluminum, iron, plastic, and cement.

She bought Gold jewellery.

5) Concrete Noun

Concrete nouns are the names given to substances, objects, or tangible items that have a physical reality. For example, a couch, bed, automobile, TV, laptop, and cell phones.

There are many new Mobile phones launched last month.

6) Abstract Noun

Abstract nouns are terms used to describe an idea, attribute, concept, or state. Since they don’t exist physically, abstract nouns are not physical substances. For example, friendship, love, liberty, excellence, and patience.

The freedom struggle of India is known to the world.

7) Countable Noun

Countable nouns are plural, countable words that can appear in noun phrases with either an indefinite or a numeral article. Countable nouns include both concrete and common nouns. For instance, one man, two books, four pupils, etc.

Five students in our school qualify for national games.

8) Uncountable Noun

Uncountable nouns are those that are not able to be tallied. Mass nouns is another term for these nouns. While all uncountable nouns are uncountable, not all abstract nouns are. For example, work, expertise, water, candy, advice, etc.

There’s some money in his wallet.

Noun- FAQs

Q1. What is the definition of Noun?

Ans. Noun is defined as a word referring to the names of persons, places, things, states, or qualities.
Q2. What are the example of Noun?
Ans. A word that names something is Noun and its examples are as -Pratik, New Delhi, kilograms etc.
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